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A New Play in the ‘Nick of Time’ for your upcoming Year Six leavers’ show!

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Looking forward to this year’s send-off-show for Year Six? Coming soon we have our musical adventure in space and time. Covering numerous aspects of the entire primary history curriculum, this musical play for primary school is full of drama and intrigue – as well as songs which will engage your pupils until the very end of term. They may even share a tear when the time finally comes to say goodbye!

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Henry the Eight as a rapper? He is with Primary School Plays!

So, who are we? We’re certainly not Henry the Eighth!

Please browse our plays, and take us up on an introductory discount when you join our mailing list.

* UK schools can contact us with a purchase order number and we’ll send out an invoice.  We’ll forward you a download link as soon as we possibly can.

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Welcome to Primary School Plays

Welcome to Primary School Plays!

It’s been a long time in the pipeline, but we’ve finally got up and running!

Creating the site has been a labour of love which has been squeezed around our day jobs of teaching in a busy London primary school.  However, the highlight of our year is always being privileged enough to be able to put on a dramatic production at Christmas and at the end of every academic year.

After a while of building up our collection, we now want to share our shows with you. We have a lot of fun creating the songs and scripts, as well as performing our dramatic musicals with our pupils every year.  It’s certainly a lot of work, but we hope that you’ll enjoy putting on one of our shows as much as we do.

Break a leg!

Paul and Dan