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Who are Primary School Plays?


We’re Paul and Dan, co-founders of primaryschoolplays.com.  We originally met through our work as primary school teachers in the UK, but upon realising our mutual love of music, began playing in a band together. Later on, we recognised a common appreciation of corny jokes and the idea of creating our own shows from scratch occurred only moments later.

As primary school teachers, we realisde how much work is involved in putting on school shows. Therefore, we strived to provide busy teachers with all the resources they need to put on amazing shows.

After years of putting on schools plays, we were inspired to create our own style of show which included the music we love: rocking guitars; funky bass lines; catchy tunes and lyrics with attitude! We hope you enjoy putting on one of our plays as much as we enjoyed creating them. Our plays are designed to be as fun to perform and watch as they are to create.

We believe school plays should be fun and memorable experience for both the audience and the children!

Why buy a play from us?

  • First and foremost, we believe our plays are great!
  • We make putting on a show easy for the busy teacher.
  • The price you see is the price you pay.  We’ve removed all of the hidden add-ons you’ll find when purchasing from our competitors.

What you don’t get:

  • Confusing forms to fill out for your performance licence.
  • The need to buy additional products such as performance licences, increasing the overall cost of purchase.
  • Delays in starting rehearsal while you wait for delivery as our plays are download only.
  • Post and packaging fees added (only once you’ve logged in!).

What you do get:

  • Instant download* of script, lyrics sheets, backing tracks and vocal tracks to help you get started immediately. Just print and go!
  • Sing-along videos (both backing and vocal tracks) to help your cast learn the songs.
  • Supporting resources to help you organise your production (editable versions of cast list and props).
  • A performance licence for two shows within six months of purchase (just ask if your want to extend ).

* UK schools can contact us with a purchase order number and we’ll send out an invoice.  We’ll forward you a download link as soon as we possibly can.

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